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Shenzhen BDcharge IOT Technologies Co.,Ltd is jointly invested by a number of powerful corporate shareholders  excellent management  technical teams such as Moso Power (stock code: 002660)  Zhongzhuang Construction (stock code: 002822) , Is a one-stop solution provider of charging piles focusing on the national strategic new energy industry; APP & operation management platform design development; large  medium-sized charging station engineering EPC business; city-level electric vehicle charging system one-stop solution provider.

The company currently operates hundreds of large-scale electric vehicle charging stations nationwide, including Shenzhen Nanshan Museum, China Merchants Securities Building, Fortis Real Estate, Xinyu Fairy Lake Bus Group, Jiujiang Bus Group, Baise Uprising Memorial Park Bus Station, Shenzhen Pinghu Logistics Park, Xiushui Xintang Gas Station, Jiujiang Chaisang District Government, Jiujiang Vocational University, Chengdu Xindu Chuanhua Logistics Park Charging Station, Chengdu Wuhou District Wucao Road Charging Station, Shenzhen Luohu Longyueteng Taibai Road Charging Station, Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center charging station, Hebei Baoding Economic Development Zone charging station, etc.;

Since its establishment, the company has grown rapidly  has become an important member of the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, Guangdong Charging Facilities Association, Guangdong Transportation Association, Charging Exchange Hundreds, Shenzhen 5G Alliance,  Shenzhen Science Education Base Federation. Various awards were received during the period: "2016 Charging Facilities Golden Pile Award", "2016 Charging Facilities Innovative Enterprise", "2017 Golden Pile Award Charging Operation Service Provider", "2018 China Top Ten Charging Facilities Innovative Enterprises", " 2019 Charging Operation Service Brand Enterprise", "2020 China Top Ten Competitive Brands in Charging Pile Industry", etc.

The company also has a number of software  hardware invention patents, AC  DC charging pile control board software, intelligent charging pile monitoring system, intelligent charging pile system ios/Android/WeChat client, PC terminal card issuing system  many other computer software copyrights  various patents Dozens of items.


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