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About the charging technology of electric vehicle charging piles

2020-07-14 10:26:39

About the charging technology of electric vehicle charging piles

The popularity of electric vehicles can be said to have added a power to environmental protection, so as to achieve no exhaust gas  no pollution to the environment. The most indispensable thing for electric vehicles is the battery, but the battery needs charging equipment to store electricity, that is, the electric vehicle charging pile.

Nowadays, both first-tier cities, communities  even individuals have begun to install electric vehicle charging piles, which has indeed brought people a lot of help. Next, the editor will give you a good introduction to the relevant knowledge of car charging piles.

  On-board charging devices refer to devices installed on electric vehicles that use ground AC power grids  on-board power sources to charge battery packs, including on-board chargers, on-board charging generator sets,  operating energy recovery charging devices. Connect an AC power cable with a plug The cable is directly plugged into the charging socket of the electric vehicle to charge the battery. The vehicle-mounted charging device usually uses a contact charger with a simple structure  convenient control,  an induction charger. It is designed completely according to the type of on-board battery  is highly targeted.

About the charging technology of electric vehicle charging piles

Non-vehicle charging devices, that is, ground charging devices, mainly include dedicated chargers, dedicated charging stations, universal chargers, charging stations for public places, etc. It can meet various charging methods of various batteries. Generally, the power, volume  weight of non-car chargers are relatively large, so as to be able to adapt to various charging methods.

In addition, according to the different ways of energy conversion when charging electric vehicle batteries, charging devices can be divided into contact type  inductive type. With the rapid development of power electronics technology  variable current control technology,  the maturity  popularization of high-precision controllable variable current technology, the staged constant current charging mode has been basically replaced by a constant voltage current limiting charging mode in which the charging current  charging voltage continuously change . The constant voltage  current limiting charging mode dominates the charging process. The big problem of contact charging is its safety  versatility. In order to make it meet the strict safety charging standards, many measures must be adopted in the circuit to enable the charging equipment to be safely charged in various environments. Constant voltage  current limiting charging  staged constant current charging are both contact charging technologies. The new electric vehicle induction charging technology is developing rapidly. The induction charger uses the transformer principle of a high frequency AC magnetic field to induce electric energy  the original side of the vehicle to the secondary side of the vehicle to achieve the purpose of charging the battery. The major advantage of inductive charging is safety. This is because there is no direct point contact between the charger  the vehicle. Even if the vehicle is charged in harsh weather, such as rain  snow, there is no risk of electric shock.

 For the relevant knowledge of the charging technology of electric vehicle charging piles, I will give you a detailed introduction here today. I hope you can understand it carefully. You can continue to pay attention to the website for relevant knowledge about car charging piles. Friends in need can Feel free to contact us, we will be there for you 24 hours.


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