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Are there any subsidies for the franchise operation of charging stations?

2020-07-14 10:28:22

Are there any subsidies for the franchise operation of charging stations?

At present, my country's external subsidy policies for the construction of charging infrastructure include state subsidies  local subsidies. There are two main aspects of the national subsidy policy. One is the central government's charging infrastructure construction camp bonus funds,  the other is a special construction fund project invested by the National Development  Reform Commission. 1. The current local subsidy policies that have been issued are mainly divided into the following four types:

1. Give subsidies according to the charging power of the charging pole. For example, Changzhou City stipulates that the external sticker standard is no more than 400 yuan per kilowatt for cross-link charging piles,  no more than 1 yuan per dry watt for DC charging. In addition to Changzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing  other places have also introduced similar policies.

Are there any subsidies for the franchise operation of charging stations?

2. Provide subsidies based on the total investment  investment amount. For example, Beijing City grants municipal government fixed-asset subsidy funds  higher than the total project investment of 00 for public charging facilities that meet the corresponding conditions. In addition, Tangshan City, Guiyang City, Xiamen City, Wenzhou City  other places are also based on the total investment  investment Dayton for subsidies.

3. Superimpose operating subsidies on the basis of construction subsidies. For example, Nanjing City stipulates that in 2017, if the average monthly charging time of a single pile reaches 20 hours, new charging facilities that have passed the 2017 acceptance will be charged at 20 yuan per kilowatt for AC charging piles.


Construction plan: During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Shenzhen plans to construct 13,800 charging piles to meet the needs of Shenzhen's planning  social piles. Among them, a total of 8,246 bus fast charging piles are planned to be built. Subsidy standard: In accordance with the "Shenzhen City's 2017 New Energy Vehicle Promotion  Application Policy Support", this year Shenzhen has cancelled the one-time charging subsidy  the ton electric taxi operation subsidy.

Regarding the construction of charging piles, Shenzhen will provide a subsidy of RMB 00/kW for DC charging equipment  RMB 00/kW for DC charging equipment according to the installed power of charging facilities (stations, piles, devices). However, Shenzhen requires a single operator to build a charging pile in Shenzhen with a total merit of 0001 before they can apply for subsidies.


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