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Why do charging pile franchised operators complain that it is difficult to make a profit in the charging pile industry. What is the difficulty?

2020-07-14 10:36:23

Why do charging pile franchised operators complain that it is difficult to make a profit in the charging pile industry. What is the difficulty?

Driven by the upsurge of new energy vehicles, as an important supporting facility, charging piles should be smooth in operation  development, but this is  the case. What makes the charging pile industry difficult to make a profit? Today, the editor will discuss this issue with you.

According to related reports, since 2015, charging piles have become one of the subdivisions  investment in the new energy industry is intensive, but the entire industry has suffered long-term losses in the early stage. Operators have large investments, difficult management, long payback periods, blind capital entry,  a mixed bag. In addition to charging infrastructure, the state does  provide clear  direct financial support policies like subsidizing complete vehicles. Therefore, the scale of the charging pile industry has  developed with a blowout as people expected, but has entered an operational dilemma.

1. Random collection of management fees

The operator wants to install the charging pile in the community, but the property company is "stuck". The property company considers the charging pile to be a big business for making money. Even if it does  make money now, the charging pile company still enjoys state subsidies, so it must It is necessary to pay “entry fee  management fee”. Some property companies even propose to divide 50-50 with charging pile operators. If they fail to achieve the purpose, they will use various methods such as “cutting power, occupying charging parking spaces,  destroying charging equipment”. Charging operating companies "pay tuition."

Why do charging pile franchised operators complain that it is difficult to make a profit in the charging pile industry. What is the difficulty?

2. Tax burden

At present, a considerable part of public charging piles are located in government  other institutions’ compound, shopping mall parking garages, bus company parking lots  other places. Most of these institutions cannot provide electricity invoices. Some property companies themselves can issue electricity invoices but are  willing to bear tax points. Unwilling to provide, this means that charging pile operators have to bear the tax point of the electricity bill, which greatly increases the tax burden of charging operators.

3. Low utilization rate of charging piles

On the one hand, the number of charging facilities is far  enough; on the other hand, the utilization rate of charging facilities is very low. At present, the overall utilization rate of charging piles in my country is less than 15%. According to cost accounting, only if the utilization rate of charging facilities reaches more than 30%, the operating company can make a profit.

In many cases, electric vehicle owners find it hard to find a charging station, but find that the parking space has already parked a fuel vehicle  an electric vehicle that has been fully charged but has  been driven away. In addition, damage to the charging pile also reduces the utilization rate. Although the number of charging piles in first-tier cities is already considerable, the low utilization rate makes charging difficult still impossible to solve.

4. Inadequate management

In the early stage of the charging pile market development, a large number of companies squeezed their land, blindly pursued scale, valued new charging piles  despised operations, hoping to obtain more subsidies while seizing a larger market share. At the same time, it is  economical to assign dedicated personnel to manage scattered charging piles, which leads to unreasonable layout of many charging piles  lack of management  operation.

V. Single operating model

The business model of charging pile operators is an important issue today. At present, most operators rely on charging service fees for revenue, but it is difficult to ensure the healthy  sustainable development of charging operators,  they are basically losing money.

The above is the editor’s discussion on the difficulty of profitability in the charging pile industry. In the future development of the industry, new technologies  new ideas may spring up like mushrooms, but for the moment, operators  charging pile related industries still have a long way to go. Whether it is to meet social needs such as faster  safer charging solutions,  to explore the development needs of more optimized profit models, it requires the joint efforts of the entire industry chain  a long way to go.


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