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How to advertise the charging pile franchise to increase profitability?

2020-07-14 10:38:09

How to advertise the charging pile franchise to increase profitability?

In recent years, my country's electric vehicle market has continued to increase, which has promoted the promotion  development of the charging pile industry. The future development direction of automobile charging pile equipment is to realize sharing  popularization. But at present, there is a problem facing charging pile companies, which is a headache. How to increase profits in operations? Today, the editor will take you to discuss how to advertise charging piles to increase profits.

Despite the rapid development of the charging pile industry, many pile companies in the industry still worry about operational problems. Since the profitability problem cannot be solved quickly, the enthusiasm of charging pile companies has been greatly frustrated, thus affecting the speed of construction. The technical threshold of charging equipment is  high, most of the power equipment companies can produce,  equipment sales profits are also high. However, the construction  operation of charging piles have a large investment,  the current profits only rely on charging service fees,  the return on investment is extremely low. Therefore, the financial strength of the enterprise is greatly tested. Some people in the industry bluntly say that without continuous investment of 800 million to 10 billion yuan, it is difficult to play with the operation of charging facilities. The market is currently in the stage of burning money  enclosing land.

According to data  the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, as of the end of 2018, members of the alliance have reported a total of 300,000 public charging piles. If this is 300,000 digital outdoor advertising spaces, what will happen? It is conceivable that it is an extremely advertising platform. Outdoor advertising is  natural, but charging pile advertising is natural. A large proportion of the intended audience of charging pile advertisements is fixed: owners of electric vehicles  new energy vehicles. For charging pile operators, it is important to find accurate cooperation  cooperation. It is a new profit model to find advertisers who need to be placed to cooperate.

How to advertise the charging pile franchise to increase profitability?

1. Cooperation with car maintenance providers

For car maintenance companies, their customers are your electric car owners,  work with them to put their advertisements on the effect.

2. Car dealers

Charging piles are implemented as the basis for the aftermarket services of electric vehicles. It is a scientific choice to use charging piles as advertising carriers. The advertisements will naturally be viewed by the advertising audience,  it is easy to resonate with the advertising audiences  deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When the impulse to buy electric cars is on the rise, it will naturally recall the content of the charging pile advertisement,  the advertising effect will be realized.

3. Mobile game companies

The popularity of mobile phones is very high now,  mobile games are also very popular among young people. It takes a while for car owners to charge  bring some points. During this time, car owners  friends can only choose to wait  do nothing. At this time, a seductive mobile phone The game is enough to attract the attention of the advertising audience to download  play the final purpose of advertising.

4. Consumer catering businesses

China is a big consumer country. People have always been enthusiastic about food culture. They put advertisements on preferential activities of catering businesses. The huge  eye-catching charging pile posters will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention,  it is natural to consume  eat at the point.

The above is the editor’s sharing of how to advertise on charging piles to make profits. In fact, the nature of advertising also determines that the amount of exposure is the direct manifestation of the advertising value. The charging piles are installed in crowded areas to provide more thoughtful services to the public. In addition, the probability that the advertisement on the charging pile is viewed by the audience is very high, which provides a basis for the value-added profit of the charging pile advertisement.


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