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Recruitment|Guangdong, Sichuan regional site resource charging pile franchise partner

2020-07-14 10:39:53

Recruitment|Guangdong, Sichuan regional site resource charging pile franchise partner

Shenzhen Jishu Charge Network Technology Co., Ltd. started recruiting venue resource partners for the first time!

If you have site resources-are optimistic about the charging pile industry  want to enter the charging pile market;

If you have the site resources- are experienced  want to find a good platform, you can do a lot in the charging pile market;

If you have the resources of the venue-to recognize what Jishu Charge has done,  want to develop together with us  move forward together...

Then, you are what we are looking for-the venue resource partner.

Shenzhen Jishuchong Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jishuchong) is jointly invested by many powerful corporate shareholders  management technical teams such as Maoshuo Power (stock code: 002660)  Zhongzhuang Construction (stock code: 002822). R&D, manufacturing  sales of charging piles in the national strategic new energy industry; APP & operation management platform design  development; large  medium-sized charging station engineering EPC business; city-level electric vehicle charging system one-stop solution provider.

Recruitment|Guangdong, Sichuan regional site resource charging pile franchise partner

The company currently operates hundreds of large-scale electric vehicle charging stations across the country, including Shenzhen Nanshan Museum, China Merchants Securities Building, Fortis Real Estate, Xinyu Fairy Lake Bus Group, Jiujiang Bus Group, Baise Uprising Memorial Park Bus Station, Shenzhen Pinghu Logistics Park, Xiushui Xintang Gas Station, Jiujiang Chaisang District Government, Jiujiang Vocational University, Chengdu Xindu Chuanhua Logistics Park Charging Station, Chengdu Wuhou District Wucao Road Charging Station, Shenzhen Luohu Longyueteng Taibai Road Charging Station, Guangzhou City Pazhou Nandian Convention  Exhibition Center charging station, Hebei Baoding Economic Development Zone charging station, etc.

The process of starting a business is  without hard work,  "providing fast charging services  building a beautiful green home" has always been our original intention,  it is also the motivation to continue forward. To do such a brand-new thing, the difficulties  trials faced are far beyond imagination,  the rewards  sense of accomplishment are incomparable.

Therefore, we hope that you, who will become a partner, can also work with us to stick to the original aspiration, continue to develop the market,  help tens of millions of electric car owners achieve safe  fast charging services.

of course,

We will also do our best to help you: if there is a site, we invest in the construction of the site-profit sharing, the site invests in the construction of the site-can provide EPC engineering solutions  platform operation  maintenance hosting services, provide one-stop charging system solutions,  meet individual customization Demand, comprehensive pre-training, considerate after-sales service......

We will provide you with all these without reservation.

— Recruitment requirements —-Venue resources cooperation conditions-

Site: The land ownership is clear  there is no dispute. Number of parking spaces: 4-20. Areas with dense traffic flow are preferred (shopping malls, office buildings  residential areas, etc.)

Electricity: Electricity capacity: 30-90KW/parking space. Total capacity of transformer: (360KVA-900KVA)

Cooperation period: 5-10 years  above

Cooperation mode:

Land lease mode: the landlord can lease the land directly;

Sharing mode: the owner provides the site,  the service fees of both parties are shared;

— Application method —

If you meet ( can meet) the above recruitment requirements, please call the following contact information:

Marketing Center Hotline: 138 0225 0678

Regional Director Ma: 137 1455 7975

Regional Director Wu: 137 1482 8860

400 free service hotline: 400-186-2660

After we receive your call, we will give you a serious feedback.

Jishu charge is looking forward to cooperating with you!


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