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About the charging pile franchise scam

2020-07-14 10:43:47

About the charging pile franchise scam

Charging pile franchise scams are actually taking advantage of people's greed, in line with national policies, responding to the slogan of energy saving  emission reduction,  providing citizens with investment directions to subscribe for shared charging piles. To be honest, the sky won't drop pie at will,  citizens should keep their eyes open when investing. Those high-return investments for no reason have a great chance of being a scam.

There is also the charging pile investment scam makers usually use the scammed money to give a small part of the money in return to the deceived citizens, so that they can continue to purchase  attract friends around them to invest.

 Under the temptation of high interest rates, scammers combined with hunger marketing to tell citizens that the subscription of charging piles is about to be completed,  the number of shared charging piles left is  large. In this way, greedy citizens immediately spend a lot of money directly to buy the "leftover shared charging piles", ranging  tens of thousands to tens of thousands. After receiving the funds, the scammers will immediately take all those citizens who are waiting to return to their capital. Pull black.

 Here are some suggestions for citizens who want to join the charging pile to prevent being deceived!

About the charging pile franchise scam


1. Choose a good charging pile brand

Good charging pile brand products can save you a lot of trouble. At present, the domestic charging pile market is mixed,  it is difficult for many Xiaobai who are  familiar with the industry to make a choice. What kind of integrated machine, split machine, group management  group control, Flexible charging is enough to dazzle people, so what is a good brand of charging pile?

1. The product is developed  produced by itself,  OEM is prohibited;

2. Mature technology  stable operation  maintenance team to ensure after-sales service;

3. There is a certain market share,  the scale effect is beginning to appear;

4. The monitoring of various indicators is qualified,  the price of charging pile products is moderate.

2. Choose a good charging pile platform

 1. Drainage is the key; this requires the platform to be able to automatically collect  analyze operational data  provide data support for the later layout.

2. Provide a good charging operation experience; currently there are two main platforms on the market: the pile enterprise's own platform  the third-party public operation platform. It is difficult to say which platform is better across the board. The premise is stable operation.

3. The charging platform must support WeChat  Alipay charging.

4. The current "unattended" is the general trend,  the platform can realize unattended operation can greatly reduce operating costs.

 Three, the charging pile investment must have characteristics

 The survey shows that the early profits of the charging pile stations invested by large companies are very impressive, but they will gradually be diverted by the surrounding new charging pile stations. Many charging stations built by individuals have stable user groups  increasing profits. After asking many users, they came to a conclusion: human touch.

 The charging pile stations built by these individuals are cleaned in a timely manner, in good order, at low prices,  vehicle safety is guaranteed. On the other hand, those large-scale charging pile stations may be fully equipped, but they are busy planning activities  coping with competition,  have  settled down to deal with these details other than charging.


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