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Can Shenzhen make money to join the charging pile?

2020-07-14 10:45:10

Can Shenzhen make money to join the charging pile?

Can Shenzhen make money to join the charging pile? This should be a question that everyone who wants to invest in joining charging piles wants to know! In fact, whether you can make money by joining charging piles is related to many factors. No one dares to say that joining charging piles will definitely make money. After all, no one has the ability to predict!

To be honest, no matter which industry you invest in, you will make money  some will lose money. How to say investment is risky. In the real market, the opportunities for profit are limited. It is far more difficult to increase a profitable transaction than to reduce a loss-making transaction,  sometimes it is impossible to achieve it.

 Can Shenzhen make money to join the charging pile?

Here is a reminder to those who want to join the charging pile:

1. To join the charging pile, it is necessary to measure the station quality, service guarantee, charging equipment, etc.,  make judgments based on the reputation of the industry  users, as well as the information learned on the Internet.

2. According to my country's goal of building 4.5 million user-specific charging piles  500,000 public charging piles in 2020, this year will be the peak period of charging pile construction. According to the calculation of the profit of each charging pile of 20,000, the market size of charging piles is about 100 billion.

3. The Ministry of Transport clearly stipulated that public transportation  logistics in key cities in first-tier cities must be replaced with new energy vehicles before the end of 2020. This is a general trend.

4. The car charging station will be the gas station of the future. No one should disagree with this point. Doing a car charging station now is equivalent to investing in the future gas station.

5. For those who want to join the charging pile, a good device can be easily managed, which can  only save a lot of time  trouble, but also increase income steadily.

 Some experts predict that the scale of my country's new energy vehicle charging facilities market will exceed 100 billion yuan by 2020. With the increasing investment in the construction of charging facilities in various places, an increasingly large charging facility operation market is also being formed.


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