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Is the penetration rate of charging piles in Guangzhou residential areas high? Can I get samples the manufacturer for joining the charging pile?

2020-07-14 10:46:37

Is the penetration rate of charging piles in Guangzhou residential areas high? Can I get samples  the manufacturer for joining the charging pile?

The penetration rate of charging piles in the three first-tier cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai,  Beijing is already quite high. Is it still advisable to build charging piles in the Guangzhou community?

Recently, community charging piles have been touted by the public. Community charging piles have always been the closest to high-incidence areas for residents,  they are also one of the main ways of convenient charging. Can the charging piles in the community be able to build piles?

According to the plan, Guangzhou will build 105 charging stations of various types  9,970 charging piles of various types in 2015. However, the actual completion rate of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau is less than 50%, which is far below the plan. This year, the government is determined to "speed up"  accelerate the construction of 10,000 public charging piles. Seeing that 2020 will be more than half, what is the actual utilization  penetration rate of public charging piles?


We also need to look at the national planning  route planning. The key to setting up charging piles is the land issue, because charging piles need to occupy land independently,  construction projects need to be approved, depending on whether the nature of the land meets the requirements of setting up charging piles. After these conditions are met, it is up to the owner  the charging pile supplier to negotiate. However, in order to avoid the disorderly construction  pulling of the community, there are still certain restrictions on the entry of charging piles in the community. Its purpose is also for the safety of community residents. The community is a residential area,  electric vehicles have certain hidden safety hazards,  there are great safety hazards due to random construction.

Charging piles are high-power electrical appliances. When the number scale reaches a certain number, the community needs to be contacted for capacity expansion. As a result, the power bureau cannot manage the construction in disorder. Therefore, it is easy to buy a pile  it is difficult to enter the household,  the approval is too difficult. The old city is especially difficult to charge,  it has almost become the most prominent area.

Because many areas want to invest in piles but don't want to operate, I hope to find reliable manufacturers to invest in piles  enjoy dividend points. This kind of cooperation is particularly complicated when the community provides piles of land. First of all, there are many benefit distribution parties for joint venture construction,  it also involves a relatively slow return on investment. When the current inventory is unknown,  the investment return period is unknown, it has become a problem to attract operators. As a result, the distribution of charging piles is uneven  the idle rate is high, which makes the charging piles of the community into an "awkward situation".

So what should be considered when investing in residential charging piles? Can all communities invest?

If the profit is  clear  there is  enough vehicle users, the idle rate of the piles in the community will be too high. A large number of charging piles will become decorations,  they will be idle for a long time, which will directly cause investment to become a waste. This is also a scene that many investors  operators do  want to see. Even if there is a subsidy, investment operators will  be able to get into it when the charging capacity is insufficient.

Fuel vehicles occupy the road as the norm,  the utilization rate of public charging piles is high. In front of a 4S store  far downstairs  the editor's company, a few special call charging piles were sparsely cast,  rows of charging piles were submerged behind the fuel vehicles. If we hadn't walked on this road often, it would be difficult to find that there are charging piles here.

After determining the profitability, some investors  installers want to know the quality of charging pile manufacturers?

At least it is necessary to shop around   lose money. The price of charging pile manufacturers fluctuates too much. If the merchants who are looking for sources of goods are asked to visit one by one on the spot, it is a bit inefficient. Therefore, investors hope that manufacturers provide samples.


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