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What are the steps to join the community charging pile?

2020-07-14 10:49:11

What are the steps to join the community charging pile?

As the concept of low-carbon travel is recognized by more people, at the same time, thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, electric vehicles  electric vehicles have become one of the current mainstream travel tools. Like traditional cars that need to be refueled in time to replenish energy, electric cars  electric cars also need charging piles to recharge electric energy. As a result, business opportunities are generated. So, how to join the community charging pile? Which charging station is better to join? Below, for this project, the editor of Jishu Charge will focus on the introduction.

1. Brand understanding: The so-called "interlace" is like a mountain. In the face of the numerous charging pile brands on the market, many people are at a loss. At this time, they need to rely on professional investment platforms, such as global franchise networks, which are organized by professional The investment promotion commissioner makes brand recommendations  introductions,  chooses the ones he likes  suits him.

What are the steps to join the community charging pile?

2. Project understanding: through various channels, such as e-mail, Weibo, official account, etc., contact the selected brand headquarters one by one to understand basic project information  make an appointment for field visits.

3. Submit the application: According to the agreement, go to the brand headquarters  the area  it has been launched,  conduct full exchanges on the business. If the opinions are reached, you can submit the cooperation application to the headquarters,  attach the personal information certificate for Qualification review.

4. Formal signing: After reviewing, signing a formal contract, clarifying the rights  obligations of both parties, paying related fees as required by the franchisee,  determining the business area, cooperation methods, etc.

5. Site selection: The site selection work is highly professional  involves property, government  other departments. It is recommended that if you do  have full confidence, do  make decisions lightly. It is wise to act under the guidance of a dedicated person arranged by the brand headquarters. Lift

6. Procurement  placement: After the site is clear, the headquarters will provide self-developed charging piles,  will also provide later operation services,  systematically guide franchisees  employees until the operation is on track.


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