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Jishu Charging won the

2020-07-14 11:03:18

Jisu Charging Won the "Top ten Competitive Brands in China's charging Pile Industry in 2020"

On July 9  10, 2020 by the China pile-net, lithium power grid, electric charge travel web hosting, Shanghai He Li exhibition co., LTD., to undertake 2020 the sixth China international conference on electric vehicle in electric industry (bric charging BBS), filling in the electric industry in China ten big brand campaign  awards ceremony was held in Shanghai dahua holiday inn hongqiao.

The 6th China International Conference on Electric Vehicle Charging  Changing Industry of BRICS Charging Forum 2020 is one of the most influential electric charging  changing industry events in the Asia-Pacific region. It is praised as "Davos" of electric charging  changing industry by industry insiders. There are more than 800 guests on the scene.

Under the new round of policy dividend, the capital of all parties has entered the charging pile market for competition. The 2020 China charge for electricity industry top ten brand campaign is "brand" as the core, radiation to the whole of China, influence the industry, to build China's most influential  appeal of the brand campaign, also has become a major enterprise competition arena, charging pile by the evaluation committee review, 2020 to participate in the selection of 229 enterprises! The participating enterprises include Many famous enterprises such as Jishu Charging, Tlai Power, Xingxing Charging, Xiaoju Charging, Kehua Hengsheng, Shenghong Electric, Yingweiteng, Yingfeiyuan, Xuji Electric, China Putian, Cossida, Yonglian Science  Technology, Auto Grid, Spruce Wisdom, Dingchong  so on.

In such fierce competition, Shenzhen Ji-shu Charging Technology Co., Ltd. stands out  many charging pile operators. After the comprehensive evaluation by the organizing committee, Ji-Shu Charging Technology Co., Ltd. won the "top ten Competitive brands in China's charging pile industry in 2020".

As a one-stop solution provider of city-level charging system, Ji-shu Charging Station has built 258 charging stations nationwide, with more than 3,120 charging piles installed, providing long-term service for nearly 100,000 fixed charging users. So far, Ji-shu charging piles have covered most provinces in China. Meanwhile, its partners include dozens of well-known enterprises at home  abroad, such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Beijing Auto New Energy, BYD, Sunac Real Estate, Country Garden, China Merchants Group  China Power Technology Group.

The honor of "Top ten competitive brands in China's charging pile industry" represents the industry's recognition of the extremely substantial strength  quality.

This time, Pole number Charge won this title, which is both an honor  a driving force. Pole number Charge will continue to adhere to the attitude of being responsible for customers, enterprises  the market, adhere to independent innovation, create efficient products, commit to reducing cost  increasing efficiency, constantly conquer industry problems,  promote industry development. For the majority of users to provide safe  fast charging services, to build a beautiful green home to make continuous efforts, to help tens of millions of electric owners to achieve safe  fast charging enterprise vision unremitting!


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