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Warm congratulations to the charging station of bdcharge Jiangxi Fuzhou Dongxiang Experimental Middle School put into use

2020-07-14 11:38:05

Warm congratulations to the charging station of Jishuchong Jiangxi Fuzhou Dongxiang Experimental Middle School put into use

On March 28, 2020, 55 new energy vehicle charging piles in the parking lot of Dongxiang Experimental Middle School in Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province were officially commissioned  launched. This project was launched by the general contractor Jilin Construction Engineering Group. Jilin Construction Engineering Group was established in In 1952, its predecessor was Jilin Province Construction Company. It has always been in the vanguard position in the construction industry of Jilin Province, with a glorious history of 55 years.


The charging station is located in the Experimental Middle School of Dongxiang County, Fuzhou City. It is equipped with 55 7kw wall-mounted AC single-gun charging piles, which can serve 55 different types of electric vehicles at the same time, providing convenient charging services  leisure services for electric vehicle owners.

Jiangxi Fuzhou Dongxiang Experimental Middle School Charging Station Jidu Charging Company invested a lot of energy in design, site construction,  operation management to ensure the high quality of the project. According to the project team leader who followed up at that time, there were still several well-known piles. Enterprise competition, after multiple rounds of internal reviews by Jilin Construction Engineering Group, the entire project was finally handed over to us, including the provision of charging equipment, the construction of EPC projects,  the hosting  operation of charging stations.

In addition, all charging equipment of Jidu Charging adopts an intelligent charging method. The owner only needs to scan the code to register the account to charge, pay,  search for the location of the electric pile through the Jidu Charging official account.


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